About Me

Srinivas Nayak

Address: Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
Email: sinu.nayak2001@gmail.com


High level Languages C, C++, PHP, Java, C#, Python, Javascript

Assembly Languages 8085, 80x86, 680x0, 8051, mCORE

Compilers & Debuggers GCC, GDB, Visual Studio

Operating Systems Linux, Windows, PowerOS

Open source Libraries Multithreaded Libpcap

Databases MySQL


2012 - 2019 NICEFIT, Hyderabad

Technical Lead, Nicefit Innovations

Nicefit Portal

I was responsible for System architecture, DB design and Recommendation engine of this online assessment portal.

+ Portal was able to support 400 concurrent users to take assessment.

2009 - 2012 EXFO, Bhubaneswar

Principal Software Developer, Analyzer R&D

iPro Server

Designed and implemented iPro, a very high speed (10Gbps) network data capture and analyzer Linux server. Modified open-source Libpcap library to support multi-threaded access. It implemented a circular buffer and used spin lock. Optimized it for performance. All daemons of iPro were multi threaded. They communicated to their clients via TCP/IP, using special request/response packets. Most important concern was dead-lock freedom, since iPro was designed for high availability.

+ Alone designed and implemented 90% of the back end code of this product line.

2004 - 2009 MOTOROLA, Hyderabad

Senior Software Engineer, Mobile Devices

DSP Data logger

Implemented logger for DSPs of Motorola mobiles using Symbian C++. Logger collected data from DSP and sent it to PC via TCP/IP and SD card.

+ It increased productivity of developers by reducing debugging time spent on critical DSP related issues, as logs from DSP was readily available on PC for analysis.

OpenGL Support for SVG Engine

Integrated OpenGL APIs into SVG Engine of Motorola mobiles replacing its old software based algorithms.

+ It improved rendering performance greatly.

GUI Library

Worked on GUI library for the RTOS running on Motorola mobile phones. I was focusing on Status Manager and SMS/MMS Editor.

+ Alone I was responsible for Status Manager changes.
+ Alone I was fixing all memory corruption issues.




Oberon7 Cross Compiler



2017 Fingerprint Matching Engine, Fingo, Sthaler-Hitachi

Implemented Fingerprint Matching Engine, which was a multi-threaded C++ DLL, designed to run on high end Windows servers. It used Windows Kernel calls and Windows Thread Pool. Optimized it for fastest response time.

2012 8051 Single Board Computer

Developed a single board computer based on NXP P89V51RD2FN, which is an 8051 microcontroller. It is programmed directly by connecting the board to PC via RS232. No separate programmer hardware is needed.

2004 Simulator for 8085 Microprocessor

Designed and implemented a simulator for 8085 Microprocessor using Turbo C++, for Windows.


2000 - 2004 B. Tech. in Computer Science & Engineering, BPUT, Odisha

Honors, 80%